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Vilafranca del Penedès

Vilafranca del Penedès is the capital of the Alt Penedès region and the vineyard region par excellence of El Penedès. It is located between Barcelona and Tarragona and it is a medium-sized town which perfectly combines agriculture and vineyard cultivation, the tertiary sector and commerce, rich and diversified services and a remarkable industrial sector, the agroindustrial companies being especially outstanding.

For its human dimensions, for the quality of its natural surroundings, for its good communication with nearby regions, towns and cities, Vilafranca del Penedès is a town with a high standard of living and with great future potential. Vilafranca -fostered by its council- is now implementing more projects than ever before in its history. Among them there is one that stands out: the construction of the underground and covered section of the railway in its passage through the urban town.

It is a project that will result in a unique change in the contemporary history and appearance of the town. The project will also finally remove the barrier against development that the open air railway tracks constituted. Only the passing of time will allow us to evaluate with the appropriate perspective the positive impact of this project on the future of the town.

The moderate growing process of Vilafranca has to consolidate the territorial, social and service balance of the town and its region. Vilafranca has the capacity and the means to guarantee a dynamic and sustainable future. It now has the opportunity to become an articulate centre along with the other medium-sized towns of the country and with the economic, social and cultural flows of the countries of Europe with greatest future projection. Vilafranca has to make the most of this opportunity to maintain and foster its potential: capital of the Penedès region, social and economic balance, good comunication, quality of natural surroundings, etc.

Vilafranca is also a culturally rich town with a remarkable associative structure and a very important artistic and traditional value. The Town Festivity (Festa Major) is especially outstanding. It has been declared a Traditional Festivity of National Interest and it showcases a unique and incomparable mixture of fire, music, culture and amusement.

Vilafranca and the region of the Alt Penedès is also one of the areas with most tourist potencial in Catalonia. The Wine Culture is present and tightly bound up in every social event of our land, expressing our way of being. The Wine Culture is an identity symbol and the Wine Museum, located in the historical centre of Vilafranca, is the best example of the link between the Wine Culture and the people of Vilafranca.

Vilafranca is an open and welcoming town. From this permanently opened window that our web site offers to us, I want to welcome you to Vilafranca.  

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